To figure out how much brine youíll need, place the meat in the container, and pour in plain water. Measure the water. For every quart, youíll need to add 1/4 cup kosher salt (or 1/8 cup table salt) and 2 tbsp sugar.

Pour the brine over the meat, place a heavy plate or bowl atop the meat to keep it submerged, and place in the refrigerator or a cooler below 40įF. Different types and sizes of meat will take more or less time. Start at the lower end of the scale, and turn the meat halfway through. You can always brine more, but you canít unbrine.

Chicken (whole) 3-8 hours
Chicken Pieces 1-2 hours
Game Hens 1-2 hours
Pork Chops 2-6 hours
Pork Tenderloin 2-8 hours
Whole Turkey 6-24 hours